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It's Good For Your Soul- Best Private Tour in Falmouth

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Terry H Oklahoma City, Oklahoma journeyed with Jamrock Journeys in April 2017.

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I was searching for something different for us (me, my mom and sister) on our cruise stop for the day at Falmouth. Something more local, less mass appeal. I came across Jamrock Journeys and it seemed like a perfect fit.
I e-mailed with Teresa several times during the planning. She is so pleasant and answered all of my questions quickly. I mentioned the things I wanted to see and do and she sent the perfect plan. We arranged for Marc to meet us. The van was nice and clean. We loaded up and off we went. 

Marc. Marc. Marc. Where do I start?! He is so friendly and engaging. He told us about everything we were seeing with a great mix of history and personal experiences. Professional but also very personable. He made sure we had time to take all the pictures we wanted. He even took some for us. 

We made stops at the old churches, cemeteries, Martha Brae River rafting area, along the beautiful coast to crowd-free beaches, then on the Montego Bay where I wanted to see the local markets, schools and school children in uniforms. We were able to watch the elementary students compete in the Sports Day track and field events. He knew the perfect spot to go to take pictures from up high to the beaches below. Perfect day.

For lunch, he determined through our morning together, that we would be comfortable at a local family owned restaurant right on the beach instead of going to a fancy place. We had a great lunch, trying different foods and beverages, and my sister enjoyed some water time while we relaxed in the outdoor covered dining area.

Marc kept an eye on the clock so we would have plenty of travel time back to the port in case there were other stops we wanted to make. We were amazed at the traffic in the market area and how easily he navigated his way through it all. He said "driving here is like a dance, you just have to know the steps". Indeed. We rented a car the day before in Grand Cayman and took off like we knew what we were doing but we knew we'd be out of our zone to drive in Jamaica.

Back at the port and time to leave Jamaica. We had an amazing day with Marc. Come up with "your perfect day" list, book the time with these wonderful people and experience Jamaica outside of the glossy brochure resorts and tourists attractions. It's good for your soul.

Terry H., Oklahoma City, OK