To give our guests a unique experience that exposes them to the people, places, ideas, habits and things that make up Jamaica’s culture.

Who we are

Jamrock Journeys is a family owned and operated transportation service that caters to your thirst for knowledge about Jamaica, your need to relax and have fun, and your desire to experience Jamaica’s cultural distinctiveness.  Our number one goal will be to stay true to Jamaica.  Whether you are traveling alone or with a small group, Jamrock Journeys will help you determine the best places to visit based on the goals of your journey.  Check out our package destination options and you’ll see what we mean.

What we offer

It takes courage to step out on your own in an unfamiliar environment.  We want to make you feel happy and satisfied about your exploration outside of your hotel, villa or resort.  You can expect a comfortable ride in our 7-passenger van  that is equipped with air conditioning, stereo and 3 sunroofs.  We will do our best to keep your journey private, just for you, your friends, and your family. However, in rare instances you may have to travel with some new faces and we will be sure to give you advanced notice.  We offer day packages, which include pickup/drop-off, 2-3 destinations within the same region and lunch or dinner.  Not in the mood for an all day trip experience?  We also offer transportation services to and from your location (airport or vacation “home”) to city markets, restaurants, cultural events and popular hot spots such as “the strip” in Montego Bay.  Arrange a trip to explore another part of the country, experience the nightlife or make it to the one destination that you don’t want to leave Jamaica without seeing.  We want to be your first choice for getting to know Jamaica.  Contact us.  We’ll make it happen!


What you can expect

 A large part of your story will be the journey itself and we want to help you create brilliant memories.  The other part of the story is your destination.  For this reason, we hand selected a few locations that are less traveled, but will give you amazing scenes, wonderful experiences and a better understanding of why the beautiful beaches are just one of the many aspects of Jamaica that makes us love this country so much!  You will receive individualized attention.  Did we just pass a market with fresh fruit or did you see some crafts that you would like to take home?  No problem, this is your journey!  We are not afraid of detours and will do our best to accommodate your wishes and make sure you get an incredible experience. 

If you're interested in a special event such as the annual Jazz and Blues Festival or catching a play or performance, we can facilitate your transportation. Check out our Blog posts for upcoming events and things to do in Jamaica.  

What we hope to achieve?

One of our goals is for visitors to spread information learned about Jamaica to people from their respective countries that depicts Jamaica as more than a vacation destination or a "third world" country, but as a country rich in culture that has made valuable global contributions.  For this reason, you can expect your guide to be patient, explain cultural nuances in a way that makes sense to you, and try to incorporate impromptu cultural exchanges with local Jamaicans when possible. 


As a family, we do not routinely sing kumbaya around a campfire, but it is very important to us to conduct business with a greater purpose.  We love to travel, challenge ourselves and interact with the locals of an area wherever we go. Through our interactions, we truly feel that we get a better sense of who we are and who other people are.  We have found that how we react to those interactions, and the meanings that we take away from them influences our actions and emotions towards family, friends, coworkers, strangers, and everyone that we come in contact with.   

For this reason, “Ubuntu” is the foundation of our business. “Ubuntu” is a term that originated in South Africa; it speaks to community and collective and social responsibility to others.  While explained a little differently depending on who you talk to, it basically means that although we may come from different walks of life, we are still connected by the common bond of being human and sharing a responsibility to nourish that bond.   Nelson Mandela explains the concept of Ubuntu in the embedded video.

Source: Experience Ubuntu Interview Wikipedia

[It] means my humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in theirs. We belong in a bundle of life. We say, “a person is a person through other people.” It is not “I think therefore I am.” It says rather: “I am human because I belong.” I participate, I share.
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu