A Visit to the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios

I was a bit overwhelmed when I arrived at the Blue Hole.  I could only focus on what seemed to be a hill at about 75 degrees straight ahead – and thought the day’s adventure would involve scaling this mammoth hill. As I strapped on my bright pink water shoes (yes, bring those water shoes or you can support the locals by purchasing a pair on the spot), I thought to myself, “woah, is there any way I can scale this thing??” And then, it happened. I caught a quick glance to my left. And I saw it: The Blue Hole.

Blue Hole in Jamaica

I recall their being a variety of lush, beautiful, green vegetation all around. Yet, it seemed the fresh minerals were calling me. I have always been drawn to the water, whether a beach, a lake or a pool and am fortunate enough to be a strong and rather fearless swimmer. I was encouraged by both Marc and my new found co-guide, Marvin, as they both offered assistance in my slow descent the rocks to the left that would lead me to this majestic 40 foot deep blue hole.

I admit feeling a bit nervous as I entered the water. I wasn’t even sure why. Perhaps it was hearing that the Blue Hole was estimated to drop an approximate 40 feet, but there was no fear of something going wrong. There was something about this whole scene that made me take particular note of how I was feeling. As the waters took over my body, I was overtaken with an overwhelming sense of relaxation – and this feeling was instant.

I have heard of the benefits of being submerged in pure mineral waters, but I never anticipated this feeling. Not only was my body experiencing a full sense of peace, but also my mind slowed as I swam toward the waterfall to my right. The sound of the water falling over the rocks was magical. I could have stayed there all day, but there was more to be seen in this magical spot.

As I exited the Blue Hole, that sense of tranquility would clearly not be short-lived. We soon set off to hike the trail that runs along the river that leads to the Blue Hole – thankfully not the hill that first threatened me. I recall that as we transcended the trail, I maintained what felt like a permanent smile on my face. We soon came across a local vendor selling snacks and jewelry where I picked up some fresh coconut water.

Now, I was able to really take in the sights. I am not one to normally sit in silence, but I sat there with my coconut water alongside the river, wondering at its beauty, soaking it all in. I never shared this with anyone, but I even cried a bit. It was that amazing. We traversed the path a bit further and came across another waterfall and Blue Hole.

I watched as a family was guided through the paths above, jumping off of cliffs, over waterfalls and swinging rope into the Blue Hole below. Entering this second Blue Hole, there were no nerves. I began to understand why I felt so overwhelmed. Though this was not the first time I have witnessed the beauty of Jamaica and am a natural lover of the outdoors, I had never in my life felt so connected to nature.

I felt so big, yet so small. There were no large groups of tourists to disturb my ability to experience what I didn’t know I had come to do. In such a quiet and serene spot, I found a bit of myself that I never knew was missing. I wish that my pictures, videos and written account of this experience could do justice to the Blue Hole. It, and the wonderful people who work and care for it, must be experienced in order to truly appreciate how majestic this place is.

Be sure to add the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios in your next trip to Jamaica. You will surely not regret it. Of the many wonderful places I have had the opportunity to visit in Jamaica, this is by far the most memorable for me.

Contributed by Diane Sullivan

Thanks Diane, your support has been tremendous and we are forever grateful.

With Love, Marc, Teresa and Oniffe