Life as it Was- Plantation Living


Life as it Was- Plantation Living

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Life as it Was- Plantation Living Package (Duration: Full Day Tour) Pick up time 08:00am

Round-trip pricing: $60 USD per person up to 3 people; $55 USD per person for 4-7 people.  Single entrance fees will be collected at the door of each destination.  Contact us for the most updated prices.  

This is a perfect tour for all of you history buffs who want to learn more about the history of the country that you're visiting.  We'll begin with a 35 minute drive (35.3km or 22 miles east of Montego Bay) to the historic and once bustling port town of Falmouth, Jamaica.  You'll enjoy a heritage walk to all the landmarks of Falmouth including St Peter's Anglican Church and the Falmouth Courthouse.  Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and drinking water.  Next, we'll visit the historic and slightly eerie plantation houses of Rose Hall and the Greenwood Great House.  Learn about the ghost stories of Annie Palmer (The White Witch) and see historic items, furniture and instruments.  Both tours are situated close to each other so there should be no problem catching lunch at  Scotchies, a restaurant that specializes in jerk everything.  The jerk here is among the finest on the north coast. For those who can’t handle the spices, there are numerous cuisine options along that strip.  At the end of our day, we'll take a moment to take in the vibes of the city at Sam Sharpe Square.  This hot spot is located in the heart of downtown Montego Bay.  It's a perfect spot for people watching and to learn a little about Sam Sharpe, one of Jamaica's national heroes.  

You also have the option to add on the  Hampden Estate Rum Tour (closed on weekends).  Contact us for pricing.  See below for more information.       

Rose Hall/ Greenwood Great House


A little fear is good for you right?  Learn about the haunting tales of Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall, who "helped" several of her lovers disappear.  Ironically, this is also a popular site for destination weddings. 

Greenwood Great House

An antique museum built over 200 years ago with a unique collection of books, instruments and furniture.

Falmouth Heritage Tour

Enjoy walking through this historic town's cobblestone roads while viewing 18th century architectural buildings such as St. Peter's Anglican Church.  This church is one of the oldest and largest Anglican Churches in Jamaica. .  Falmouth served as a port for trading of three main goods- sugar, rum and slaves.  Learn about how people once lived and a little of how Falmouth operates today.       

Hampden Estate Rum Tour 

Located in Trelawny, Hampden Estate Rum is a distinguished Jamaican rum that is enjoyed by many in Jamaica and in Europe.  On this tour you will learn about the distillery's history, the rum making process, and what's instilled for the future.  While smaller and less known than the Appleton Estate, Hampden Estate is still a good experience that offers some interesting and palatable information.     

Sam Sharpe Square

Surrounded by Georgian architecture, this busy intersection of Montego Bay is used to commemorate Sam Sharpe, a Baptist minister/slave who valued and promoted non-violent protests to end slavery.  One of his organized protests became violent, resulting in several farms being burned and numerous slaves being killed.  In 1832, Sam Sharpe was one of the slaves hung at what is now Sam Sharpe Square.  His death was not in vain as Jamaica gained its independence just two years later.