Nostalgic Reggae Journey- Bob Marley


Nostalgic Reggae Journey- Bob Marley

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Nostalgic Reggae Journey- Bob Package (Duration: Full Day Tour) Pick Up at 08:00am

Round-trip (Lunch Included).  Option 1: $160 USD per person up to 3 people; $150 USD per person for 4-7 people.  Option 2:  $140 USD per person up to 3 people; $ 120 USD per person  for 4-7 people.  Single entrance fees will be collected at the door of each destination.  Contact us for the most updated prices. 


There are 2 options for this Journey

See end of page for Option 2

Option 1:  Get up early for this 2.5 hour curvy road trip to the capital city of Kingston.  You’ll start with a tour of the Tuff Gong studio, founded by and named after Bob Marley, this studio has fostered the creativity of many of Bob’s reggae hits.  Now that you’re in a great mood, we’ll find a good spot to eat lunch in the city and make a short walk through the National Heroes Park where you can look at the monuments and learn about the historical people of Jamaica. Finally we’ll spend a low key evening at the Bob Marley Museum.  The tour of the museum lasts about 75 minutes but you can take your time to explore on your own afterwards.  If the journey isn’t pressed for time, and if you just can’t get enough of Jamaica’s delicious cuisine, we can make one last stop at St Ann's Ultimate Jerk Center.  

Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong Studio Tour/ 56 Hope Road

One Love”.  “Get Up, Stand Up”.  “No Woman, No Cry”.  “War”. “Buffalo Soldier”.  “Exodus”.  The list goes on and on; and those are only a few of his more popular songs.  A reggae legend, Bob Marley’s music is so infectious!  From Jamaica to the US, from Ghana to Japan, Bob is a brother to us all.   He has had an everlasting impact on the world!  His music reached global audiences and more importantly, his advocacy for social change is celebrated by millions.  His music will always resonate with humanity because his lyrics send a message of correcting injustices and realizing the tragic reality of some marginalized groups, (our brothers and sisters), remains relevant to the world we live in.

At the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica, you will embark on a journey through the peak of his life and career.  The museum was originally a house that Marley had purchased in 1975.  It was his home until he left this earth in 1981.  During this 75 minute tour, you will visit his bedroom, personal recording studio, and see a lot of his awards including his Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.  Experience Bob’s electrifying performances all over again during a 20 minute video that showcases his live performances throughout his career.   The museum has a café and gift shop.  Video is not allowed and photography is only allowed in certain areas and it is preferred you take pictures after the tour is complete. 

Pay homage to the legendary Bob Marley who attempted to join the two political parties of Jamaica, promoted world peace and boosted the global popularity of Jamaica.  

National Heroes Park-Kingston

Set in the middle of Kingston, this is a great way to learn a little about important people in Jamaican history.  Walk through the park and read about the graves and monuments honoring Jamaica’s heroes.  The tour of the park can be completed with or without a guide.  When you’re tired of walking, sit down eat a snack and enjoy your surroundings.  Look at how people interact and communicate.  It is a great place to people watch!  


Option 2:  Half day tour- Visit Bob Marley’s birthplace just 2 hours from Montego Bay at Nine Miles in St. Ann. In this small town you will enjoy a mixture of the beautiful north coast sea views before transitioning into the lush scenery and serene lifestyle of rural Jamaica.   We’ll then head to Ultimate Jerk Center in St. Ann for lunch before returning to Montego Bay.