Lover's Rock

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Lover's Rock

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Lover's Rock Package (Duration: Full Day Tour) Pick up time 08:30am

Round-trip pricing (Lunch Included): $120 USD per person up to 3 people; $110 USD per person for 4-7 people.  Single entrance fees will be collected at the door of each destination.  Contact us for the most updated prices. 

Our first destination, Lover’s Leap is about 2.5 hours south from MoBay in the parish of St. Elizabeth.  Catch sights of rural Jamaica on the ride there.  You will see farmers, vendors, fisherfolks, shopkeepers and bars along the way, so don’t be afraid ask the driver to stop to take pictures or to have him explain anything that intrigues you.  At Lover’s Leap you will see the views from atop a 1700ft cliff and imagine the feelings of nervousness and fear of the two lovers that jumped off that cliff to remain “together”.  If you’re up to it, take a 3 mile walk to the bottom of the mountainside.  Lunch will take the form of a traditional family-owned restaurant, this will give you a chance to mingle briefly with the locals, before continuing on our journey 1.5 hours away to the refreshing Milk River Bath.  Learn about the legend behind these natural baths and then see if you notice any healing qualities for yourself. 

Lovers’ Leap

What’s the craziest thing you've ever done for love?  Well if you’re able to answer this question, you didn’t do what these Jamaican lovers did.  If you’re familiar with the tale of lover’s leap in the Midwest U.S., this story will be a little different for you.  In the American version, on top of a cliff, Atala, the maiden Indian/Native American, plunged to her death to be with her true love who was killed by the warrior that her father wanted her to marry. 

As the Jamaican legend goes, a slave owner, Churdley, wanted to take a female slave, Mizzy, as his lover.  In order to destroy her temptations, he prepared to sell her true love, Tunkey, a male slave.  Knowing his plans, Mizzy and Tunkey ran away.  But the pack was closely chasing them and would have definitely caught the slaves as the two were found on top of a cliff with no where to run.  Rather than risk being returned to slavery and separated from each other forever, they chanced that they might have better luck of an eternal union in the afterlife.  Hand in hand, they jumped to their deaths. 

Now that’s love! 


You will find yourself atop this steep 1700 foot vertical drop in the Southeast overlooking the waves of the sea.  You can also choose to have lunch at the Lover’s Leap restaurant, tour the recently built lighthouse, or take a 3 mile walk down to Cutlass Bay, the “graveyard” of these two lovers.  

Milk River Mineral Bath

Just about every attraction in Jamaica has a little interesting history, and the Milk Baths in the parish of Claredon are no different.  Legend has it that a slave discovered these springs when he decided to soak his wounds after he was severely beaten by his master.   During the next days, those salty waters seemed to help his slashes and wounds heal incredibly fast.  The slave owner, taking notice of this odd occurrence promised to never whip the slave again if the slave shared the secret location of these springs.  Prior to selling the property to the Jamaican government, the slave owner controlled these springs and used them for himself until the day he died.  Today the property includes a hotel and nine mineral baths for public use.