Rose Hall Great House Day/Night Tour

Rose Hall Great House
Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House Day/Night Tour

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Rose Hall Great House Day/Night Tour (Duration: 3 Hours)

Two-Way pricing from Montego Bay: $30 USD per person, $16 USD for Children 3-12, Children younger than 3 travel free. Add $10 to fare for night tours. Single entrance fees will be collected at the door of each destination. Contact us for the most updated prices. 

We will journey to the historic and slightly eerie plantation house of Rose Hall Great House.  Learn about the ghost stories of Annie Palmer (The White Witch) and see artifacts from the 17th century.  If interested we can stop by  Scotchies, a restaurant that specializes in jerk everything for lunch.  The jerk here is among the finest on the north coast. For those who can’t handle the spices, there are numerous cuisine options along that strip.  There is also a night tour at this location if you want to push the envelope and experience The White Witch in her element. “Ghost Hunters International” and “Scariest Places on Earth” have both tried to capture images of The White Witch, why not give it a try?

What to Bring?

Your nerves, Camera and extra batteries

You may also be interested in the 54 holes golf course in Rose Hall. The scenic hillside and rolling coastline provides a picturesque setting to enjoy one of your favorite hobbies.